Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Avon Nail Polish Collection!

I have an addiction, guys. A colourful, glittery, magical addiction. I love nail polish. Can't get enough. My collection is heading towards triple figures pretty swiftly and I really have no intention of slowing the purchase rate!! It would take quiiite a while to go through my entire collection, so I thought I'd share my collection of Avon Nail Polishes with you guys today.

I love this brand. It's very affordable, and our Avon representative is a lovely lady. If you don't know an Avon rep or there're isn't one near you, you can also order products online. Avon Nail Polishes retail at £6, but there is always various shades half price, or a buy one get one free deal, and I just can't stop myself! There are plenty of shades to choose from, and the quality is quite good(a little on the runny side). They have Speed Dry, Matte and Mosaic effects for you to choose from as well as regular polish.

So here you are, feast your eyes! 


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