Monday, 24 June 2013

Festival essentials.

Festival season is truly upon us, and shops are heaving with everything you'll need to survive that weekend! I've been to T in the Park the last 3 years, although I won't be attending this year(boohoo), and being in sunny Scotland it's an extra effort to look good when the weather is just not doing you any favours! So here is my festival essentials to carry around with you during the day to keep you looking purty and feeling clean(or as clean as possible -porta loos eurgh).

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Anyone who's been to a festival knows that by half way through the day, you're face has totally melted off! Whether it be by sweat, rain, thrown beverages and other thrown liquids(ahem, we all know what I mean, eurgh). So to keep your complexion as even as possible with a touch up of concealer when needed. This one has very good coverage, so if you're wanting to let your skin breathe a little the. I'd suggest Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer instead.

2. Carmex Lip Balm - For most of us who are of age, half of your time at a festival is spent cradling a ridiculously expensive cider/beer from the bar tent. And as you know, alcohol is very dehydrating for you. I would obviously suggest drinking water between each alcoholic beverage, but in reality that's probably never going to happen! SO, keep those lips soft and well hydrated with a lip balm in your bag!  Cracked lips are painful, and no one wants that.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo - The ultimate festival beauty saviour. Any girl off to a festival usually has dry shampoo at the top of the list of things to get! 3 days without properly washing is tough, so you have to keep that hair from looking greasy, and it helps you get the voluminous boho chic look that's standard for festivals. Just add a daisy garland on top and you'll look the part!

4. Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths - As I'd previously mentioned, it gets a bit sweaty at festivals sometimes, or you somehow managed to find yourself covered in neon face paint/mud/beer etc. So it's good to keep a little packet of wipes for when it all gets a bit too messy!

5. Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant - Keep fresh with a little travel size deodorant in your bag, you will need it more than ever as the days without a shower go on!

6. Soap & Glory Hand Maid Sanitising Gel - The one in the photo is purely because its seeeww cayoot, but my hand sanitiser of choose would be Hand Maid. The worst part of the festival experience, porta loos. Pretty much filthy after the first day, and it's doesn't get much better after that! Most porta loos do provide hand sanitiser in the cubicles, but it gets used up pretty quickly so let's not take any chances! To be frankly honest, almost everything is covered in mud at a festival anyway, so you'll be wanting to use it before you eat as well, especially since there's no sinks for you to wash your hands properly.

7. ASOS Pac-a-Parka - Another key festival item! With any British festivals there's just no telling what the weather will be, so a Pac-a-Parka is a handly little thing to have, it's comes packaged inside its pocket with a little string for you to tie onto your day bag as I do, or put inside your bag if it fits. Then when the rain comes, just fold it out and weyhey, weather protection!

I'm sure there's many more things that you'll be thinking Hey! You'd obviously need this. But those are my top items for carrying around during the day to keep you feeling as fresh as possible.

And here's some cheeky photos of me enjoying T in the Park.

So glam, eh?


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